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Sounding Off for Democracy: Bevin’s Pension Plan

Making Gov. Bevin Hear us: We will Not Go Down Without A Fight

from Steve Champion

We are not being beaten politically with better thinking. We are not occupied by a corrupt party with better policies. Our Democratic Ideals are not being shredded with more profound political science.

They have only one thing. And they are using it masterfully to unravel our children’s futures. UNITY.

Whatever the cost, however distasteful, they have convinced nearly all ‘conservatives’ that they must stand together in lock-step in order to win. And they are doing both. Whatever the costs. However repugnant many of our good neighbors might find it to be.

Though most of them are not racists, they’ll stand with the racists for the sake of unity. Though most of them are not fascists, they’ll stand with the fascists for the sake of unity. Though most of them have no intention to hate anyone, they’ll stand with hate for the sake of unity. Though most have no interest in taking our Commonwealth employees pensions, they will stand with those who would for the sake of unity.

Are we ready to learn the lesson they’re teaching us?

Our individual politics are nothing unless we are first UNIFIED. Visibly, audibly, tolerantly, politically, lovingly, defiantly, gently and fiercely UNIFIED.

Those of us who would defend the common good must stand up for it. Or expect what we are seeing today to continue tomorrow.

It’s time to show our number and be silent no more.

Study the form of protest that has become known as the ‘cacerolazo’. It’s non-violent, impossible to ignore and effective.

“If all they will give us is empty pots, let them hear their voices.”

We’ll see you tomorrow, bring a big pot!