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Definitions of Terms Used on This Website

Precinct – A precinct is a set geographic area, where the boundaries determine appropriate ballot
choices. For example, a single precinct may determine to be “wet” or “dry,” where several adjacent
precincts might be able to vote for state legislator. Daviess County is divided into 56 precincts. The
Daviess County Court Clerk’s office website uses an interactive map for voters to look up (or verify) their
precinct by using their address:

Polling Location is where votes are cast. The poling location might change from election to election (due
to availability and accessibility). Note – in 2020, Covid led to more mail-in voting and fewer polling
places, offering separate precinct ballots, determined by voters address.

Precinct Convention is the process where Democrats begin reorganization every 4 years. Precinct
Delegates are elected from the Democrats that live in that Precinct. By-laws require the Delegates be
limited to 3 – on male, one female and one youth (under the age of 35).

Precinct Delegates elect the County Executive Committee every 4 years. They also serve as a resource
for the Democratic Party in their respective precincts. This is especially important in election years, to
support Democratic candidates and positions.

County Executive Committee is a group of 20 elected Democrats (10 males, 10 females) for a for year
term. They organize, recruit and participate in efforts that support Democratic candidates and positions
in the county. This involves activities around communication (electronic and standard), candidate
recruitment and support, fund raising, advocacy, partner relationships, etc. (see job description and
organization chart)

County Chair and Vice Chair are elected by the newly formed Executive Committee and must be of
different genders. All other officers and committee heads are appointed by the chair.

*2020 was the scheduled reorganization year. Due to covid, this process was postponed to 2021 and is
completely virtual.