KDP Newsletter – The Democratic Insider – Dec. 20, 2017

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  Democratic Insider Dec. 20 Welcome new subscribers to this weekly newsletter! Thanks for those that continue to help me grow this list. Every newsletter contain news clips important for Democrats, a "Tools," section for your personal or county party's use, "Events and fundraisers," and "Messaging from DNC to you." To new subscribers and current ones, happy holidays from us at KDP to you. Spearheaded by our own Republican embarrassment, Mitch McConnell and crew gave President Trump the early Christmas present any scrooge could want — the greatest giveaway to the wealthy we've seen at least in my lifetime. We issued a statement today against it and will in the future pass on those issued statements to you, our central executive committee and party chairs. We want you to know…
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Sounding Off for Democracy: Bevin’s Pension Plan

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Making Gov. Bevin Hear us: We will Not Go Down Without A Fight from Steve Champion We are not being beaten politically with better thinking. We are not occupied by a corrupt party with better policies. Our Democratic Ideals are not being shredded with more profound political science. They have only one thing. And they are using it masterfully to unravel our children's futures. UNITY. Whatever the cost, however distasteful, they have convinced nearly all 'conservatives' that they must stand together in lock-step in order to win. And they are doing both. Whatever the costs. However repugnant many of our good neighbors might find it to be. Though most of them are not racists, they'll stand with the racists for the sake of unity. Though most of them are not…
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Rob Wiederstein files Letter of Intent for KY House District 11

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Rob Wiederstein Hopes to Restore Civility to Political Disagreement [caption id="" align="alignright" width="300"] Rob Wiederstein: former Prosecuter, retired District Judge, and computer programmer.[/caption] Democrat Rob Wiederstein, former Prosecutor and retired District Judge, has official submitted a "Letter of Intent" to run for the office of Representative for Kentucky's State House District 11. This will allow him to begin raising and spending funds in order to "explore a run" for office prior to the official filing date of November 8th. As to his motivation for entering the race, Wiederstein says, "I’m exploring a run because of the loss of civility in modern politics. In the more sensationalist news sources like 24 hour cable news, they are normalizing confrontation, extremism, violence, divisiveness and rudeness in favor of ratings." Wiederstein is opposed to this mentality…
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We’re Back Online! …mostly

We've just upgraded our website software which means there are great things to come! But that also means we have to start off from scratch, again. So with a little patience, we should soon have a fully functioning, multi-featured website. In the mean time, please make use of our Resources page.
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