KDP Newsletter – The Democratic Insider – Dec. 20, 2017

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  Democratic Insider Dec. 20 Welcome new subscribers to this weekly newsletter! Thanks for those that continue to help me grow this list. Every newsletter contain news clips important for Democrats, a "Tools," section for your personal or county party's use, "Events and fundraisers," and "Messaging from DNC to you." To new subscribers and current ones, happy holidays from us at KDP to you. Spearheaded by our own Republican embarrassment, Mitch McConnell and crew gave President Trump the early Christmas present any scrooge could want — the greatest giveaway to the wealthy we've seen at least in my lifetime. We issued a statement today against it and will in the future pass on those issued statements to you, our central executive committee and party chairs. We want you to know…
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Single-Payer Healthcare Explained: How It Would Work

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From The Washington Post article:  Single-payer would drastically change health care in America. Here’s how it works. As Republican efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act continue in the background, some Democrats are starting to eye a new health policy goal: implementing a single-payer system. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) introduced a single-payer bill in mid-September with 16 Democratic co-sponsors — 16 more than he got when he introduced the bill two years earlier. But how is the health-care system funded now, and how would “single-payer” change that? Sanders’s bill takes universal coverage close to this extreme: The government insurance would cover so many services with such small co-pays that private insurance would be almost universally unnecessary. Accordingly, it would also be quite expensive — $32 trillion over 10…
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