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Kentucky Democratic Party Reorganization Message

A Message from the KY Democratic Party

Thank you all for your continued interest in and support of the Democratic Party. We hope that all Democrats will stay in the loop and participate in some way in our Reorganization efforts for 2021.  All 120 Counties in Kentucky will start fresh from scratch in April in a completely Virtual process.  Online nominations, online voting to also include an element of cell phone and US Mail operations will be how we conduct our Precinct Conventions, our County Conventions, our Congressional District Conventions and our State Conventions. We will elect new County Executive Committees in each County and we will be electing new representatives to our State Central Executive Committee this year.

First up will be our Precinct Conventions and electing delegates for the County Conventions.  Plans are to begin this process on April 10 and last for a week or so as we make sure everyone is included and all aspects of the conventions are conducted.  We should have much more on this in about a week or so as we finalize our plans and get the operations and training up and going.  Please stay tuned.
For now, this is what we are asking.  To make this all work to its optimal level and to help make the Democratic Party in Kentucky as effective as we can possibly be, we need to recruit new People and retain the good People we have.  The operative word here is People.  So, please if you can, share the link to this page ( with any Democrat you would like to see involved in our Party and ask them to come on board.  Many people have concerns about the Democratic Party and have felt they have been ignored or left out in the past.  Let’s not ever let that happen again.  Here is where we start and we have to invite everyone, the happy ones, the disgruntled ones and those sitting on the fence.  Ask them to sign up here.  No obligation to do a thing but be in the loop as we reorganize this year.
Thank you for signing up to help.  We are a strong and large family across Kentucky and we can make a difference as a team. More to come very soon. 

Kenny Fogle
Deputy Political Director
Kentucky Democratic Party
190 Democrat Drive
Frankfort, Ky.  40602
502-630-0854 (office)
502-827-1525 (cell)