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Elective Offices & Incumbents

The citizens of Daviess County, along with others, enjoy the privilege of selecting those who fill elective offices from our local community to the presidency. We have gathered information about these offices from scattered sources to make it easier for you to find. Where available, that information incudes the electoral pattern (e.g., term limitations, next election), the incumbent, and a link to more information on the incumbent, including contact information.

Please let us know if you spot any errors or omissions.


President & Vice President

4 year term / 2 term limit : Next Election 2024

Joe Biden (D), President
Kamala Harris (D), Vice President

U.S. Senate

2 Senators from each state / 6 year terms / NO term limit

Mitch McConnell—(R) (Class II) : Next election : 2026 (first elected in 1984)
Rand Paul—(R) (Class III) : Next election : 2022 (first elected in 2010)

U.S. House of Representatives

# in state determined by population / 2 year term / NO term limit Next election 2022

Kentucky 2nd District Rep. Brett Guthrie—(R) (first elected in 2008)


KY Elected Officials

4 year terms / 2 term limit ; Next Election: 2023

Governor & Lt. Governor: Andy Beshear & Jackie Coleman (D)

Attorney General: Daniel Cameron (R)

Secretary of State: Michael Adams (R)

State Auditor: Michael Harmon (R)

Agriculture Commissioner: Ryan Quarles (R)

Treasurer: Allison Ball (R)

KY Senators

38 total in state (determined by Constitution) district determined by legislature—every 10 years) 4 year terms / NO term limit ; Next Elections: Castlen (R): 2026 (first elected in 2018)

Senator Matt Castlen (R)

KY House of Representatives

100 in house (set by constitution) District determined by legislature—redrawn every 10 years Daviess County has all of 1 and part of 4 house districts 2 year term / NO term limit Next election : 2022

Daviess County is represented by

District 7: Suzanne Miles (R) (first elected in 2013 in a special election)

District 11: Jonathon Dixon (R) (elected in 2020)

District 12: Jim Gooch (R) (elected in 1994)

District 13: D.J. Johnson (R) (re-elected in 2020)

District 14: Scott Lewis (R) (elected in 2018)

Daviess County

Daviess County Elected Officials

4 year terms ; Next Election 2022 ; Commissioners are on East, Central and West ballots in primary; on County-wide ballot in the general

Contact information for all county officials

Judge Executive: Al Mattingly (R) (first elected in 2010)

County Commissioners

West: George Wathen (R )(first elected in 2010)

Central: Charlie Castlen (R) (first elected in 2010)

East: Mike Koger (D) (first elected in 2010)

County Attorney ~ Claud Porter (D)(first elected in 2006)

Sheriff ~ Keith Cain (D) (first elected in 1998)

Jailer ~ Art Maglinger (R) (first elected in 2018)

County Clerk ~ Leslie McCarty (R) (first elected in 2018)

County Coroner ~ Jeff Jones (D) (first elected in 2010)

County PVA ~ Rachel Pence Foster (D)(first elected in 2014; appointed in 2013)

County Surveyor ~ Bill Weikel (D)


Western Daviess County: Kris Crawford—R
Central Daviess County: Steve Nave—D
Eastern Daviess County: Dan Bennett—R

Justices of the Peace

Western Daviess County: Cathy Kramer—R
Central Daviess County: Chris Saalwaechter—D
Eastern Daviess County: Anthony Cobb—R


Owensboro City Elected Officials

Non-partisan elections are mandatory in 2nd class cities with City Manager form of government.

Contact Elected Officials

Mayor ~ Tom Watson (known R)(re-elected in 2020) 4 year term / Next election in 2024

Mayor Pro Tem (commissioner with most votes) ~ Larry Maglinger (first elected in 2018)

Commissioners (Next election 2024)

Mark Castlen
Bob Glenn
Jeff Sanford

Owensboro Board of Education

Non–Partisan ; 4 year, staggered terms,

Contact Board Members

Chair: Melissa Decker, Vice-Chair (first elected in 2016) Next election—2024

Vice Chair: Michael Johnson (first elected in 2018) Next election—2022

Leigh Rhoads Doyal Next election—2024

Jeremy Edge (first elected in ?) Next election—2024

Dr. Jeremy Luckett (first elected in 2018) Next election—2022

Daviess County Schools

Non–Partisan ; 4 year staggered, terms

Contact Board Members

Chair: Dale Stewart (first elected in 2016) Next election—2024

Vice Chair: Todd Anderson (first elected in 2016) Next election—2024

Frank Riney, III (first elected in 1976) Next election—2024

Dr. Tom Payne (first elected in 2014) Next election—2022

James Morgan (first elected in 2018) Next election—2022