Fairness Ordinance

Fairness Ordinance

The Executive Committee of the Daviess County Democratic Party encourages informed and respectful community engagement in local issues.  We suggest the following resources in your consideration of the proposed Fairness Ordinance:

    Jacqueline Coleman, Donna Haynes (chair Daviess Dems), & Andy Beshear at campaign opening.
  • 2019 Gubernatorial Campaign
    2019 Campaign
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Please Join Us!

Please Join Us!

Welcome to the Daviess County KY Democratic Party website. We hope that you will find it useful and that it will facilitate your involvement in the great American political process. Poke around, get to know us a little, and find answers to questions you may have about voting and your elected representatives. We invite you to join us on Facebook and to attend the monthly meeting of the party’s Executive Committee as well as the many events we will bring to your attention. We’re glad you visited, today!