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GOP Leaders Choose COVID-19 Virus over Kentuckians’ Health

July 30, 2021 Blog, Press Release

July 30, 2021 Blog, Press Release

As the Delta variant of the COVID-19 virus rages through the Commonwealth, GOP leaders are choosing to support a deadly virus that has claimed thousands of Kentuckians’ lives in a desperate attempt to gain a political advantage.

Auditor Mike Harmon, GOP legislative leaders, Treasurer Allison Ball and Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles are refusing to follow the science and C.D.C. guidance that even vaccinated individuals should wear masks indoors due to the rapid spread of the Delta variant.

In a statement, KDP Chair Colmon Elridge called on these Republican “leaders” to finally quit the political games and put the lives of Kentuckians first.

“This stunt by GOP ‘leaders’ is a pathetic example of failed leadership,” Elridge said. “COVID-19 is apolitical and our response should be as well. Gov. Beshear has shown the conviction and courage to put politics aside and do what is necessary to save lives. That’s leadership. My question to the GOP is how many more Kentuckians have to get sick and/or die, how many health professionals and families need to be retraumatized, before they take the spread of Covid seriously?”

Source: Kentucky Democratic Party

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