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We are Democrats for Owensboro & Daviess County KY. Welcome to the great American political process. Poke around the site, get to know us a little, and find answers to questions you may have about voting or contacting your elected representatives. Please join us on Facebook and attend a monthly meeting of the party’s Executive Committee.

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Democrats stand for Healthcare, Education, Jobs, Equality and a healthy Environment so that  your family can achieve the American Dream. We deliver for everyone, not just a few at the top.”

Executive Committee, Daviess County Democratic Party

Concerned Kentucky Residents, KDP File Lawsuit to Stop Unconstitutional Republican Districts

FRANKFORT, Ky. (Jan. 20, 2022) – Concerned Franklin County residents who would be disenfranchised by unconstitutional, partisan maps drawn by Republican lawmakers joined the Kentucky Democratic Party and House Democratic Caucus Chair Derrick Graham to file a lawsuit Thursday challenging the gerrymandered districts.

“The General Assembly’s focus in creating these district maps wasn’t representation or democracy or even legality – their focus was on partisan politics, which is why they unnecessarily sliced up so many counties,” said plaintiff Joseph Smith. “Why else would I, a Franklin County resident, be sorted into the same congressional district as Paducah? I should pick my representatives – they shouldn’t pick me.”

“I believe the best legislation comes from public participation, but it’s clear the General Assembly kept their redistricting plan a secret until days before they passed it because it violates both the Constitution and the trust we place in our representatives,” said plaintiff Mary Lynn Collins. “Their maps weaken my voice, my representation and my vote by placing me and my neighbors in a gerrymandered district that stretches for hundreds of miles to the Mississippi River.”  READ MORE

Poll Workers Needed

Democratic Poll Workers are needed for the May 17, 2022 primary, the November 8, 2022 election and the 3 early voting days.

  • At this time, we are not sure the pay amounts.
  • You must be a registered Democrat in Daviess County and age 18 or older by the November election.
  • If Interested please contact LISA LEONARD by Face Book messaging, calling or texting me at 270-929-6292.

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